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Paper vs software solutions

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

iSolved Managing Director, Mischelle Hill had been increasingly aware of the difficulty faced by small to medium businesses in managing the ongoing costs of an Integrated Management System, and the issues relating to documentation and record control.

“My biggest concern was seeing how much money businesses invested in these systems which often become inefficient and lack the analytical benefits that well controlled systems offer organisational management. Particularly those businesses whose operational activities are off-site and project based, managing the ‘information silos’ using a paper based system can be costly and inefficient. So we set out to find user friendly, cost effective software to manage the quality, safety and environmental requirements, and SharePoint was the obvious solution”.

The team at iSolved are pleased to provide cloud based solutions (developed using Microsoft SharePoint), providing a cost effective solution reducing the need for basic on-site IT support.

Advantages include:

  • Cut down on paper work.

  • Automated document version control and approval.

  • Access from any site with an internet connection.

  • View only information relevant to your role.

  • No need to keep up-to-date on-site printed copies.

  • Instant access to organisation information.

  • Greater remote internal auditing and checking of the system.

  • Easier document and record control.

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